JJ Tactical is a UK registered Security Solutions Partnership with strong links to international governments and a proven track record of providing corporate, government, international agencies and private clients with a unique portal to fulfill the highest levels of security requirements, in any region or country, particularly complex or more hostile environments.
JJ Tactical operates with full discretion and with an uncompromising attitude to compliance at every level and has a wealth of experience in the international Security Consultancy market. With a global client base, including international governments and international agencies, JJ Tactical are ideally positioned to offer the most practical and comprehensive Security Solutions with an extensive international reach. JJ Tactical has built up an excellent reputation for capability and service levels in the supply of Security Equipment and Training Programs.
With Homeland Security as the focus, JJ Tactical combines many Security Technologies to form a total solution to a client’s specific requirements and engages directly with client’s at every level to deliver affordability with capability in an effort to address a client’s Security concerns.  Training and Mentoring programs are also offered as part of the wider solution.

Being able to offer the very latest technology, innovation and competitive pricing structures, coupled with an experience of customer service, export knowledge and after sales service that is second to none, JJ Tactical remains at the forefront of technologically advanced Security Equipment and Training provision across the world.  JJ Tactical has an enviable relationship with specialist manufacturers and suppliers of equipment solutions.  With a strong  Security background, JJ Tactical is well placed and has the knowledge to assist clients in accurate and timely full equipment solutions for real scenarios and advises on stand-alone or equipment and training combination solutions to suit all requirements. Whatever the scenario, JJ Tactical takes a consultative approach, with clients fully understanding the equipment requirements, budgets, timeframes and locations for delivery.



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